LG Releases Android Smartphone Mosquito Repellent

LG k7i

Technewstime.tk- LG unveiled its latest Android smartphone titled "K7i" in India. The smartphone is carrying the standard specification that targeting low-end class.

However, there are interesting features of the K7i mosquito repellent alias "Mosquito Away". Indeed, similar features have been previously listed on LG electronic products such as air conditioner (AC), washing machine, and television.

Mosquito Away utilizes ultrasonic sound wave technology to repel the approaching mosquitoes. On the LG K7i, the feature is mounted on the back of the smartphone, precisely under the camera module.

This feature is actually causing controversy in various circles. According to the head of the Dutch Malaria Foundation, there is no scientific evidence that ultrasonic sound wave technology can block mosquitoes.

The BBC even once made a report calling mosquito repellent with ultrasonic waves is a myth.

Apart from that, this feature cannot be denied is something unique and quite "sell". Moreover, K7i pegged at the price of "tilt", ie 121 dollars.

Specifications of this latest smartphone include 5-inch HD screen, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage, quad-core processor, and runs on Android operating system Marshmallow.

So far, the LG K7i is said to be exclusively available for the Indian market. Not yet clear whether the mosquito repellent smartphone will be marketed globally.

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