Apple Music Has 30 Million Paid Subscribers

Apple Music The music streaming service, Apple Music, continues to grow. The number of paid subscribers to Apple Music has now reached half of what Spotify owns.

Reported by Phone Arena, Friday (129/9/2017), Apple Music executives, Jimmy Iovine, said the paid subscribers service has now reached 30 million, up from 27 million in June 2017. The amount reached half of 60 million monthly paid subscribers Spotify. Rival Apple Music is currently leading the music streaming service industry.

Unlike Spotify that brings ads for its free service, Apple Music offers a free trial period of three months without advertising. After the free service runs out, the user is given the option to become a paid subscriber.

Apple continues to promote its music streaming service, including with a new ad to be released next month. In addition, Apple has also released advertisements to promote Apple Watch and Apple Music.

Apple Watch Series 3 is compatible with the 4G LTE network, which means users can enjoy the song directly from their hands. Apple Music will soon be integrated with the latest smartwatch. Apple will continue to innovate and not just provide music services.

"In my opinion, streaming is not enough, I do not agree that things go smoothly" only "because Apple enters the stream area and the number of subscribers goes up, so you have to help the artist create new things, which they do not will be able to do it alone, "said Iovine.

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