New Apple Watch Design

apple watch Apple is reportedly getting a patent for the new design of Apple Watch watch strap. Based on the information on the patent document, Apple Watch strap can tighten itself on the wrist so it becomes more comfortable to use.

At first glance this feature looks cool without the benefit that really feels to the user. However, the actual implementation of this new design will help users and Apple get the maximum function of the device.

Through this new feature, Apple Watch can find a more comfortable setting without having to make the user touch the watch strap.

In addition, Apple also wants to make sure the wearable device that provides more accurate data. The reason, with the use of a more correct rope, heart rate data and movement tracking can be collected better.

The new Apple Watch strap design is embodied in patent number 9,781,984 entitled "Dynamic fit adjustment for wearable electronic devices". In it also explained Apple considering several systems to realize the design of "self-adjusting strap" is.

Overall, Apple is considering two options for the new Watch strap design. First, the rope will work on its own by detecting the wrist automatically and adjusting its location. The second option is to give some settings to Watch and let users choose what they like.

Apple has indeed pocketed this new patent, but not yet certain that the technology will be realized into a product. However, at least this patent shows Apple's new interest in Apple Watch design. Similarly, as quoted from Softpedia, Thursday (12/10/2017).

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